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Birthdate:Apr 22
Location:United States of America

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anime, apollo justice, atroquinine, blankets, blue, books, booksellers for great justice, bookstores, breakfast at tiffany's, burdastyle, chocolate, chuck taylors, chucks, clothes, coffee mugs, coke zero, comic books, concerts, cowboy bebop, david bowie, dds, death note, demon diary, demon ororon, devil summoner, digital devil saga, doing it for lulz, even licious is licious, fashion, final fantasy, fuzzy slippers, gackt, gankutsuou, ghost hunt, halloween stuffed animals, hanakimi, harry potter, horror, hyde, ice cream, icons, insomnia, italian food, japanese fashion, jewelry, jisatsu circle, khsf, kingdom hearts, kuroshitsuji, l'arc~en~ciel, laruku, libraries, licious, listening to music, literature, loveless, manga, megaten, movies, music, my bread hurts god, my sewing machine ♥, nail polish, nameless main characters, nonfiction is a lie, okami, olivia, organization xiii, passive resistance, peacemaker kurogane, pens, persona, persona 3, persona 4, philosophy, phoenix wright, placebo, plushies, prince of tennis, pripri, project runway, ps2, quirky restaurants, randomly speaking in french, reading, resident evil, sarcasm, scones, shadow hearts, shadow of destiny, shakespeare, shin megami tensei, shoes, shojo beat, shopping, silent hill, sleepy hollow, slurpees, spin aqua, spread beaver, staying up all night, stick figure art, strawberry milkshakes, sukisyo, sunglasses, tales of, tales of the abyss, tea, tea and sarcasm, tea cups, teatime, texting, the pillows, threadbanger, tokyo babylon, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, vampire game, video game music, video games, white stripes, writing, x/1999, xxxholic, yakipan, yami no matsuei, zilch
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